We have been involved in the development

    of many products in many areas using Hand

    Lay up, Chopper Gun Laminating and Closed

    Mould systems.

    Bathroom Industry

    We started in the bathroom industry making

    corner baths in every different colour you

    could think of. This was the trend.

    Then moving over to making Vacuum Tools

    for Acrylic baths and Resin Cast trays of

    which we also cast.

    Agricultural Industry

    We produce a wide range of milking parlour

    products which are shipped to Europe. Also

    we fibreglass milking parlours to make

    cleaning after milking much easier.

    We also produce incubators for a local


    Building Industry

    We produce One Off mouldings for large

    building companies and also go on site to

    laminate for large national companies and

    for the general public alike.

    Example site work would be Flat Roofing

    and lining Valley Guttering.

    Specialized Products

    The production of tooling moulds for PU

    products used in the oil industry with a

    mixture of materials including:

    Polyester Resin

    Epoxy Resin


    2 Part Foam.

    We also use Fire Retardant Resins and

    Mould Making Resins.